Media Production


JWU’s Multimedia Production Team provides comprehensive multimedia development services and support for faculty, instructional designers and technologists, and the University at large. We collaborate with you to develop and deliver branded custom multimedia content for use in our online and traditional courses, in a variety of state-of-the-art formats.

The Multimedia Team’s mission is to make video production and multimedia content creation easy and accessible to the JWU community. Our team leverages a diverse array of tools, resources, and cutting-edge equipment to develop deliverables including but not limited to videos, Articulate Storyline and RISE presentations, Adobe Spark content, infographics, experiential education assets, audio lectures, on-location videography and photography, interactive e-learning activities, and more. We help elevate and enrich the student learning experience with robust media development capabilities and deliver consistent, high-quality multimedia for a variety of applications.

The Multimedia Production Team looks forward to working with you on your next project! Learn more about the Media Production Team on the IDT Meet Our Experts website.

Media Services & Custom Projects

High-quality branded media strengthens courses and is designed to help faculty communicate the subject matter in ways relevant to today’s students and differentiate JWU’s educational offerings from other institutions. Our team comes from a diverse range of backgrounds from a variety of sectors including academia, government, marketing/advertising, and broadcast journalism, ensuring that you receive the right resources and support from experienced professionals. Collectively, we offer over 40 years of experience in developing educational, instructional, and e-learning multimedia.

One of the things we enjoy the most about being part of #OneJWU is the camaraderie of collaborating with great colleagues. The high level of support we provide to faculty and our collaboration with Instructional Designers and Technologists helps JWU deliver a leading educational experience for our students, and faculty members who teach our courses. Go Wildcats!

Custom Media Services & Examples

Media Production Studio - Richmond Building, 4th Floor

Johnson & Wales University is thrilled to introduce its state-of-the-art media production studio, located on the 4th floor of the Richmond Building. This dynamic resource is designed to empower faculty members at Johnson & Wales University in enhancing their teaching methods. Staffed by expert professionals of the IDT Media Production Team, this cutting-edge facility offers an array of advanced multimedia tools and equipment.

Faculty members will have the opportunity to create a diverse range of engaging and interactive content. This includes producing high-quality instructional videos that demonstrate complex concepts, recording engaging podcast discussions to supplement course material, designing virtual tours of culinary techniques for remote learning, and developing interactive simulations to provide hands-on experiences in various fields of study. With the guidance and support of the skilled media production team, faculty can seamlessly integrate these multimedia elements into their curriculum, enriching the learning experience for students.

The media production studio will serve as a versatile hub for innovative educational content creation. This studio exemplifies Johnson & Wales University's commitment to fostering creative teaching practices and providing faculty with the tools necessary to thrive in the digital age.


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