Teaching Online

If you are assigned to teach an online course, the information below will help you understand what you need to do to prepare to teach your courses.

Online courses are made available to you 5-6 weeks before the start of the semester or session and is pre-populated with content either from the last time you taught the course or from the master course. Do not copy content in the course shell yourself. You will receive an email letting you know the course is available and ready for your preparation. Your email may be delayed if enrollment is uncertain, or in limited cases, the master course is being updated.

As an online faculty member, it is your responsibility to make sure your course is set up on time and that you teach your course according to the requirements outlined in the documents below. Courses must be set up at least 10 days in advance of the start date so the IDT staff can ensure that all courses are ready when they become available to students.

Contact our team at onlinehelp@jwu.edu or 401-598-4429 if you have questions or need support.

Online Course Teaching Requirements Guide 2023-2024 - Updated for Spring 2024 - This document outlines the requirements for teaching online, including course preparation before courses start and requirements while you are teaching. These requirements are monitored and you are required to meet them in order to continue teaching online at JWU.

Preparing Your Course in 6 Steps - This video explains the teaching requirements related to course preparation.

Late Work Policy Guidance - The Online course syllabus template requires that you add a late work policy. Use the guidance in this link to craft your late work policy.

Important Summer 2024 Semester Dates - Use this document to plan the weekly due dates and weekly availability dates for all courses in the summer semester.

Important Spring 2024 Semester Dates - Use this document to plan the weekly due dates and weekly availability dates for all courses in the spring semester.

Online Teaching FAQ - This FAQ includes answers to common questions.

Course Schedule Templates - Each syllabus must include a weekly course schedule. Check the Instructor Materials area of your course to see if one has been provided for you. If a schedule has not been provided, please use the templates linked below to create your own.

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