Instructional Design & Technology

The Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) team includes instructional designers, instructional technologists, media developers, and quality analysts who:

  • inspire faculty to try new teaching strategies and technologies
  • work with faculty to design engaging and effective online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses
  • design and produce instructional media solutions in consultation with faculty
  • consult with faculty to discuss and plan effective teaching and learning practices
  • consult with faculty to discuss and recommend instructional technologies to enhance instruction
  • support JWU’s teaching & learning systems (ulearn, Kaltura, Turnitin, etc.) and train faculty on the effective use of these systems
  • offer faculty development courses, workshops, and other professional development activities that explore emerging technologies and pedagogical best practices to meet instructional goals
  • solve instructional problems by applying evidence-based research on innovative teaching and learning practices that support interactive, student-centered learning
  • Provide tools, skills, and support to empower the self-directedness of faculty pertaining to instructional technologies
  • foster communication and collaboration within the JWU community through the sharing of our knowledge of teaching, learning, and technology
  • monitor the quality of online courses for compliance with federal and accreditation requirements
  • promote equitable and inclusive teaching and learning practices, including accessible course materials

Our Mission

Johnson & Wales University’s Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) team contributes to student academic achievement by supporting faculty in delivering quality online courses and improving teaching & learning processes and integrating effective instructional technologies in face-to-face and hybrid courses.

Instructional Design & Technology