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The user guides listed here provide step-by-step instructions on using commonly-used features of ulearn.

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Add Avatar Image
Change "My Courses" Display
Course Copy
Course Quota/File Storage
Course Content: Download/Delete Raw Video Files
Enable Course Terms
Enable Edit Mode
Enable Student Preview
Make a Course Available to Students
View Course Calendar
View Course Content Collection
View Course Roster
View Performance Dashboard

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Adding Content
Create/Edit Content Area (add folder on course menu)
Add Tools to Course Menu
Add Web Link to Course Menu
Post a syllabus
Create a Content Item (such as Word, PPT, or PDF)
Edit an Item

Add a File (such as Word, PPT, or PDF)
Using the Content Text Editor
Add Content via Text Editor
Formatting Options on Text Editor
Create a Content Folder
Create a Course Link
Create Web Link
Insert an Image
Resize an Image
Drag and Drop Files
Link Multiple Documents

Managing Content
Overwrite File
Move Content Items
Copy Content Items
Delete Content Items
Setting Content Area Availability
Fixing Broken Web Page Links
Statistics Tracking and Viewing Statistics Reports
Setting Review Status

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Create/Edit an Announcement
Formatting Announcements

Create and Link a Blog
Edit Blog Settings
Add a Blog Rubric
Grade a Blog
Delete Blog and Grade Column

Create a Journal in a Content Area
Create a Journal Via Left Menu Tool Link
Edit Journal Settings
Add a Journal Rubric
Grade a Journal
Add Journal Comments
Delete Journal and Grade Column

Create a Wiki
Edit Wiki Settings
Create a Wiki Link
Add Wiki Rubric
Grade a Wiki
Delete Wiki and Grade Column

Discussion Board
Post First Discussion Thread
Create a Discussion Forum
Edit Discussion Forum Settings
Add a Discussion Rubric
Delete Older Discussion Posts (after a course copy)
Post/Reply in a Discussion Forum
Create a Question Forum for Students
Grade a Discussion Forum
Delete Discussion and Grade Column
Include a Link in a Discussion Posting
Subscribe to a Discussion Forum
Assigning Discussion Roles
Needs Grading Status
Thread to Thread Navigation

Create Manual Enroll Group (single or group set)
Create Random Enroll Group
Create Self-Enroll Group
Edit a Single Group or Group Set
Remove student(s) from a Group
Add/Rearrange Students to Existing Group Set
Create a Group Assignment

Send Email

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Adaptive Release
Assignment availablity for select students

Create an Assignment
Edit an Assignment
Delete an Assignment
Create a Group Assignment
Clear or Ignore Assignment Attempt
Add Multiple or Unlimited Assignment Attempts
Create & Grade an Anonymous Assignment
Grade an Assignment & Leave Feedback
Assignment Annotation - Advanced Features
Recording Feedback
Sending Email Reminders for Assignments

Quizzes & Tests
Create a Test
Test Question Types
Add/Link to a Test in Content Area
Add Images to Test Questions or Answer Choices
Edit Test Options
Edit a Test
Reset a Test or Quiz Attempt
Allowing Extra Time on a Quiz or Test
Allowing an Extra Attempt on a Quiz or Test
Attempts Statistics
Entering and Updating Zero's
Grade a Test
Grade by Question
Import a Test
Export a Test
Test Feedback Options
Test Availability Exceptions (test accommodations)
Send Email Reminders for Test Submissions
Item Analysis

Survey Tool
Create a Survey
Deploy a Survey
View Survey Results
Export a Survey
Import a Survey

Create a Test
Edit a Test
Format Questions in MS Word
Import Questions (formatted Word document)
Print a Test
Publish a Test to ulearn
Retrieve a Test from ulearn
Update Respondus

Create a Rubric
Edit a Rubric
Associate a Rubric
Grade Assignment with Rubric
Grade Column with a Rubric
Using a Rubric for Grading (CPS)
Locating Rubrics in an Online Class (CPS)
Grade Collaboration Tool with a Rubric
Export/Import a Rubric

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What is Turnitin?
Faculty Guidelines
Add a new Turnitin Assignment
Edit a Turnitin Assignment
Edit Turnitin Availability Dates
Edit a Turnitin Assignment after a Course Copy
Creating and Editing a Turnitin Assigment (Video)
Delete a Turnitin Assignment
Create Turnitin Revision Assignment
Turnitin Template Exclusion
Accessing Turnitin Assignments (Video)
Accessing Papers Submitted to Turnitin
Accessing Turnitin Group Assignments
Viewing Turnitin Originality Reports
Turnitin Instructor Synching the Class Roster
Marking up Turnitin Assignments with Feedback Studio

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Column Management
Create a Grade Column
Edit a Grade Center Column
Delete a Grade Center Column
Delete a Blog, Discussion, Journal or Wiki Grade Column
Moving Columns in the Grade Center
Entering Student Grades
Editing Student Grades
Setting/Changing Due Dates
Hide or Show Students in the Grade Center
Hide or Show Grade Center Columns from Students
Hide or Show Grade Columns from Instructor View
Needs Grading
Grade Center Filter Tool
Viewing Grade History
Create Smart Views
Leaving Quick Comments/Feedback in Student Grade Cells
Updating/Reverting Student Grades
Grade Center Icon Legend
Set External Grade Column
Display Calculated Column as External (Final Letter) Grade
Import Final Grades to jwuLink

Grade Center Setup by Grade Center Type (Weighted or Total Points)

Weighted (Percent) Grade Center:
Create Grade Columns
Create Grade Categories
Assign Columns to Categories
Create Weighted Grade Column (% Grade to Date)
Editing Weighted Grade Column
Create Letter Grade Column
Set External Grade Column
Import Final Grades to jwuLink

Total Points Grade Center:
Create Grade Columns
Create Total Points Grade Column
Create Percentage Grade Column
Create Letter Grade Column
Set External Grade Column
Import Final Grades to jwuLink

Grade Center Reports
Download a Grade Center History
Download Final Letter Grades Report
Downloading Grades to Excel
Uploading Grades from Excel
Viewing Assignment Submission Receipts

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Create Portfolio Assignment
Grade Portfolio Assignment

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Kaltura Capture (PC/Mac) Webcam recording, screensharing)
Kaltura Capture (Chromebook)
Create Kaltura Video Quiz
Add Audio or Video Files into Kaltura
Kaltura My Media
Add Media from Slideshare, Flickr, or YouTube
Kaltura Add Media Gallery
Edit Kaltura Videos
Embed Youtube Video
Add Youtube Video via Mashup Tool
Adding Captions to Video
Editing Closed Captions
LinkedIn Learning: Search and add videos into to ulearn
LinkedIn Learning: Create Video Collection/Playlist

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