Faculty Development Fund

Faculty Development Funds:

Continual faculty development is critical to our commitment to excellence in teaching-learning, scholarship, and university professional contributions.

Description: The FDF supports the attainment of knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experiences important for advancing faculty excellence and productivity. Over the two-year period covered by FY23 and FY24 full-time faculty and lecturers may request up to $2,750* to use for approved faculty development activities. Funds associated with this cycle of the FDF program will be available beginning July 1, 2022 and all funds must be expended by June 30, 2024, or will be forfeited.

Supplemental Faculty Development Fund
An additional supplemental fund will be available on a competitive basis to support a limited number of exceptional faculty development opportunities. These funds will be available to faculty who have exhausted the first round of faculty development funds and who require additional resources to pursue significant scholarship opportunities aligned with strategic initiatives. The awarding of supplementary funds will be determined by the merit of proposals and the availability of funds. Supplemental funds may be requested beginning March 1, 2023.

FDF Process
All applications for the general or supplemental FDFs must be entered and approved using the Concur System. Please contact your academic dean or the Office of the Provost (email) for questions or assistance.

Concur is accessed through JWU Gateway in the Finances section or directly via JWU Concur. Use your JWU network credentials to log in, if prompted.

FDF Process Support and FAQs

  • View FDF Procedural Guidelines 2022-2024
    • Check FDF balance in Concur
    • Create Request in Concur (up to FDF balance remaining)
    • Once the request is approved, book travel, if applicable, in Concur
    • Within 2 weeks of completing FDF activity, complete and submit an Expense Report in Concur and a digital End of Activity Report
  • Concur - Faculty Development Fund FAQs 
  • Travel Policy: Please review the travel policy to ensure compliance. The University Travel, Entertainment, and Courtesy Policy is located in the University Policy folder on the internal shared drive (See J Drive or H Drive and navigate to the University Policy folder).

Concur User Guides and Video Guides

  • Check FDF Account Balance User Guide | Video Guide
  • Create a new FDF Request User Guide | Video Guide 
  • Book Travel for FDF User Guide | Video Guide
  • Create an Expense Report User Guide | Video Guide
    • Important note: If the expense report(s) does not use all of the funds requested from an approved request, the request needs to be closed/inactivated so that the budget can be reconciled between the requested funds and expensed funds.

Support: Please contact your academic dean or the Office of the Provost for questions or assistance.

*Funding levels for faculty teaching full-time for the EdD, OTD, DBA, and Physician Assistant Studies programs differ – please contact your college dean for further information.

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